Barber design Anoela cards first physical store in Lagos

16th July 2018

We’ve been very busy recently with many international clients including Anoela cards. Anoela are a Nigerian-based online greeting cards company with a website that sells a variety of fun, quirky, creative greeting cards for everyone and every occasion. Following a successful online launch, Anoela wanted to take their business to the next level by opening their first physical store in Lagos, Nigeria. After seeing our portfolio online, they reached out to us to help them to create the retail store concept. In addition to the retail designs we are also developing environmental graphics, way finding and other key features for enhancing the in-store customer experience and making sure that the new shop matches up to the brand’s, playful and friendly online presence:

“We believe in the gift of giving, card-giving, and how it connects people and impacts lives. We also believe in new homes, new babies, beard-lovers and wine-lovers! Give our cards to someone you love. Or someone you don’t, or perhaps a stranger.”

Anoela cards Lagos

Anoela cards Lagos

Anoela cards Lagos

The company started up in Lagos in December last year selling a huge assortment of cards which are delivered throughout Lagos, either on the same day or the next day, depending on when the order is placed.

Anoela cards Lagos

The client has clear brand values and a strong vision of how they wanted to position themselves in the Nigerian retail market. We wanted to do something completely new, that had never been done before but which also suited the brands ethos – which they described as “fun, unique, sarcastic, cool and social.”


You can see from these visuals that we have has a lot of fun with this design and Anoela are delighted with our work:

I love all of the concepts and ideas you came up with and I definitely feel like you understand the brand identity in every sense. I’m so excited and grateful that I’m fortunate enough to work with you and your team!”

Watch this space to see how the new store looks once it is open, later this year!