Never Forget the Changing Rooms

21st November 2011

With the exception of temporary pop up shops, almost all clothing retailers need to have good changing facilities so customers can try on their wares. However, many shop owners and managers don’t pay quite as much attention to them as they should. Changing rooms that are dirty, cramped, messy, or otherwise inadequate can really let an outlet down.

At Barber Design we consider all aspects of retail display and design, and we understand how to make the whole shopping experience easier and more fun. That includes taking a good look at changing facilities. The first thing to do is ensure privacy and ease of use. A customer might try on one pair of jeans in a tiny, cramped cubicle, but they probably won’t go back a second time. There should be ample space, hooks for clothing, and a feeling of security.

They should also be clean- while we can’t come in and make sure your staff do their jobs, we can make sure all our designs are easy to look after. The changing space should also be bright and attractive, so a customer dressed in your clothing looks and feels as good as they possibly can.

There must also be enough changing cubicles for both men and women. Nobody likes waiting in line to try on a new top or a swimming costume. While it is sometimes necessary to find a balance between the size of each changing room and the number of them, good retail design can really help any shop make the best of the available space.