The Benefits of Retail Point of Sale Displays

An effective point of sale (POS) retail display can take many forms and is no longer just the preserve of well-established brands. Effective POS displays such as counter top displays, cardboard units and pop-up displays carry a strong ‘act now’ message which can prompt customers to investigate more about a product or service as soon as they see it. Although POS displays are a relatively simple method of promotion, many retailers simply do use them to their full effect. This is usually because they are unaware of the two most important aspects of developing a successful point of sale display.


How and where a POS display is placed should never be underestimated. POS displays will only deliver significant benefits when customers see them at the right time. Therefore it is essential to put POS displays in places where people can read them while they are waiting for something. Good locations to put POS displays include, by a pay desk, near restaurant tables, or within view of a bar.

Simple & Immediate

Even when waiting, no one is going to take much interest in a boring sign. Every product or service needs to have an attention-grabbing quote or a eye-catching design in order to engage peoples’ interest enough to make them react positively.

By bearing these two points in mind, any retailer will be able to avoid the obvious mistakes and find success in this simple but often undervalued form of advertising.