Retail Graphics & Branding

What makes the team at Barber Design different? We’re dedicated, insightful and resourceful. We know eye-catching retail graphics and interiors alone won’t forge a solid, workable platform for your brand.

Instead, we favour a practical approach that begins with detailing your retail brand’s personality and its relationship with its customers. How it looks, how it sounds, how it communicates across all channels. These areas can then be strengthened, modified or redefined by taking a fresh look at the spaces where people encounter your brand.

Some consultancies like to talk about ‘solutions’ and ‘audiences’. To us, that sounds stale. Whether it’s a repositioning or a total makeover, Barber is excited about designing a unique experience for customers using all the creative resources at our disposal. Bringing you, ultimately, an impressive return on your investment.

Our retail graphics and retail branding services include:
  • Research and insights
  • Name generation
  • Retail identity design
  • Retail brand development
  • Retail graphic design
  • Retail guidelines
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Store graphics

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